R.D. Kell´s signal

Vivi called me in to co-direct this telefilm when her original co-director, Lucrecia Martel, fell out.  We immediately tuned in and we began to be dazzled by the idea of ​​filming the channel itself, the present of the channel. Then we end up getting very into the thing, the thing that everyone wants to run away from or that everyone complains about, working on public television, on ATC, is getting into the mouth of the devil. With Vivi we thought it was great to get right there, to face the adversity of the Union that involves putting those who are behind it in front of the camera, that precisely that difficulty was our raw material. We created a brief anecdote, that of putting on a play with a black camera, as was the case on television before, in the 80´s, And there Vivi summoned the two actors, Rosario Bléfari and Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, and everything was like a wave, improvising as we go, having a lot of fun. Afterwards, the montage with Nicolas Goldbart was a more complex, hotter area, trying to do something that was good with all that material. RD Kell's signal is the result of all that experience and the joyous encounter between Vivi Tellas and myself.