I am a film director. I was born and live in the city of Buenos Aires. As a filmmaker I direct, write and produce films. I also teach, work as a project and script tutor in Argentina and in the rest of Latin America, and write every year for Revista de Cine, an annual publication of which I am a staff member. Every now and then I venture into the world of visual arts. My works deal with both documentary and fiction, and my interest is to be able to leave my perspective on life and on cinema in the films and things that I film. My relationship with cinema is purely artisanal, regardless of the scale of the film I am making. Artisanal means that my dedication is total, that I am part of the making of a film in all its details, that I intend that the work structure never obeys industrial needs but rather artistic ones and all this is because it is the way I find to obtain creative freedom. and feel comfortable and make all those with whom I face a new project feel comfortable each time. On this site you can see samples of my work, links to sites of personal interest and images and texts of my authorship.