with Bruno Dubner

Dubner Moreno is a creative society working within the broad field of (audio)visual arts. Professional announcers read Karl Marx's Capital is a five-day performance in which radio announcers read the eight volumes of Marx's work without interruption. It was one of the finalists for the prestigious Petrobrás ARTE/BA 2009 award. 

For nine years, the duo has been recording scenes, moments and details of certain neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires on video. The play is called Downtown Life and is still in production.

with Ulises Rosell & Andrés Tambornino 

They made the shortfilms Aqueronte and Where and how Oliveira lost Achala, the latter being part of the first edition of Historias Breves. In 2001 they made the feature film El Descanso, which they also wrote and produced together with Pepe Salvia. This film was the winner of the award for best Argentine film at Bafici that same year.

with Vivi Tellas

Moreno and Tellas co-directed the television film La Señal by R D Kell in 2007. Starring Rosario Bléfari and Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, it narrates the attempt of a director to make a television version of The Seagull, by Chékhov, on public television. The film puts on stage the technical and Union difficulties while at the same time tracing a loving and absurd journey with the channel's workers. 

Seven years later, Tellas invited Moreno again, this time to make an audiovisual documentary portrait of the workers of the San Martín Theater, the biggest theatre of Buenos Aires. The video, seventy four minutes length, was the background of the theatre play Las personas directed by Tellas.